28 May 2008

Forgive the Silence....

Forgive the silence folks, but I've been laying low in Jersey the last week.  I realized that I really haven't taken any time to myself for an extended period of time since I began college.  I've always moved from between work to school to work, to vacations that really aren't relaxing and back again.  So I've been doing my best to slow my life down and just spend time with the dog, family and friends.  

This weekend my travels start again.  I'll be heading down to the MD/VA/DC area to visit with a few friends, spend a few days hiking on the Appalachian Trail, spend a few days with the Capuchins, attend an ordination and then head back down to Baltimore to be a sponsor for a wonderful young man.  So yes, things will be busy.  But at least my life will get a lot more interesting (to write about, at least).

However, with the time off, I've had the ability to reflect about where my life has gone these past years.  And what an amazing ride it has been.  To think that it is only beginning is extremely humbling.  But more importantly, I've rediscovered how important it is to remain silent at times.  I look forward to the silent moments that I'll be able to steal before my life gets started again.  

peace and prayers,

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