21 June 2008

BASE Camp...

Tomorrow afternoon I'll be heading down to Baltimore for BASE Camp as a male chaperone.  Youth from a few local churches - primarily St. William of York in Catonsville - work from Monday to Friday with Southwest Visions.  This organization works towards creating affordable housing for the people of southwest Baltimore - an area that, quite frankly needs all the help it can get.  

The kids from St. Will's are great and the indefatigable Sr. Kitty, a Sister of Mercy, is our guide for the week.  Sr. Kitty is a saint of the streets.  She knows everyone and refuses any recognition we could possibly try to give her.  

Last year's highlights included watching a live drug chase, seeing a bush of poison ivy that was fifty feet tall, cleaning out innumerable alleys and sidewalks in SW Baltimore, sleeping on a gym floor, being ambushed by the darling children with water guns and otherwise being re-initiated into teenage life.  And now they know just how immature I am!  I'm going to try to journal each night and then type separate entries when I return on next Friday.

So until then, peace and prayers.  


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