21 June 2008

Capuchin Ordinations...

Two weekends ago I attended the last discernment weekend of this "season."  It's also my last weekend as a non-postulant.  Next year, I'll be a host, not a candidate.  Pretty scary stuff.  There was a new candidate there, Nic, and he was a terrific guy.  I'm really excited about the possibility that he might someday be my brother.  

On Saturday morning we attended the ordination of three priests and two transitional deacons.  Cardinal Sean O'Malley was the principal celebrant of the liturgy and homilist.  He gave us some magnificent words.  Particularly awesome were his final words.  To paraphrase: the harvest is great and the laborers are few; roll up your sleeves!

Cardinal Sean is a man of extraordinary faith and just another person who I look at and say: if I could be half the Capuchin that he is, I might just get into heaven.  He is also a blogger -- if you're interested in what's happening in the Boston Church or what goes on in a holy man's life, I suggest checking it out.

The celebration afterwards was particularly festive.  It was great meeting new Capuchins and seeing old friends.  I met a Capuchin who has ministered the last several decades in Honduras.  He's past his 80th birthday and is still going strong.  What a guy!

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