21 June 2008

Confirmation Sponsor ...

After the weekend with the Capuchins, I drove from Yonkers to Baltimore on Sunday morning.  There, I sponsored a freshman at his Confirmation.  Two for two with homilies from bishops.  Auxiliary Dennis Madden of Baltimore led a terrific celebration in which ten young people were confirmed.  Drawing on the Gospel, the calling of Matthew -- a personal favorite of mine -- Bishop Madden challenged the candidates to more fully live out their Christian vocation.  Whatever it may be.  Whatever it may be.

Funny story from the Confirmation.  My confirmandi chose the name "John".  Why? He couldn't figure it out, so his mother insisted that they open the book of saints, and choose the first man they found.  Thus, John the Baptist was found.  When we walked up to the bishop so that "John" could be anointed, Bishop Madden asked him why he chose John.  I saw my life flash before my eyes.  The response: Cool name.  Phew, disaster averted. I fully advocate lying to bishops in that situation.  Well maybe not lying, but some creative truth telling!

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