02 June 2008

Into the Wilderness...

Tomorrow I head into the wilderness for three days.  Starting from Hagerstown, MD, a future Capuchin brother and I will be heading north into Pennsylvania.  At some point on Thursday, we'll turn around and head back.  I've never been camping before - no less slept in a tent, cooked my own food on the trail and needed to carry everything related to my earthly existence on my back.  

I'm incredibly excited and also a bit anxious.  I mean, honestly, me on the trail?  Come on.  

Speaking with my camping partner today, he suggested that we start our conversation by figuring out whether or not we exist and move forward from there.  So until then, hope I avoid poison ivy!


1 comment:

Julie said...

Hey Matt :D Have fun camping! It's weird to think of someone who's never gone before :O