23 July 2008

Back from Honduras ...

Despite two major transportations debacles on both ends, I'm back from Honduras.  

In my first trip to the third world (and make no mistake about it, this was the third world), I fell in love with the place.  The Honduran people and culture are simply terrific.  If you want to learn something about hospitality - head to Amigos de Jesus. 

There are so many thoughts and reflections that I have to share with everyone.  But I'm not quite at the point where I've thoroughly processed everything yet.  Despite only being away for a week, the elements of "culture shock" are still present.   There are also a ton of pictures and I think a few videos that I want to post up here as well.

Before I go more in depth, here are a few random thoughts and observations:

  • You can survive on rice, beans and small pieces of meat without any trouble.
  • I now know where all the donated t-shirts, jeans and other items of clothing go.  I've seen them on the children of Honduras.  And quite frankly, they look less used and better worn than most anything else in America.
  • I now know where our old school buses go: they make up the Honduran public transportation system.
  • There is nothing warmer than an orphan's smile.
  • I wish that we could barter about the price of items throughout the US of A.  Makes shopping a lot more interesting.

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