01 July 2008

The People You Meet ...

Yesterday, having very little to do, I drove up to Overpeck Golf Course to play 18.  A good walk spoiled, indeed.

Before you ask, I shot a 107.  54 on the front and 53 on the back.  A rather poor showing.  My short game was atrocious and my driver extremely inconsistent. But I putted well.  Playing again tomorrow.  

But more importantly ... 

In my group of four, there were two great guys I met: Ron and Mike.  We exchanged the general "hi, how you doing?" stuff at the beginning of the round.  As the round continued, they politely asked what my profession was, etc.  I'm always hesitant to volunteer my future with the Capuchins unless folks ask me.  

Pretty soon after sharing this, both Ron and Mike shared with me that they were alcoholics and members of AA.  They started talking about how much they prayed: each and every single day.  And how they were impressed with my future path.  

What stuck with me was their comments on prayer; both said "We pray every single day.  And all the time through the day."  And, from one of them, "I used to be Cath-, well I guess I am still Catholic, but AA is the most spiritual place I've ever been."

And so, Mike and Ron here are some prayers.  And here's hoping that someday I'll be able to sit back and say, "I've found the most spiritual place I ever could be."  And I hope that you all can do the same thing too.


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