13 July 2008

To Honduras I Go...

On Tuesday I'll be flying out of Newark Airport for San Pedro Sula, Honduras. My flight leaves Jersey at 6:00 am and stops in Atlanta, GA. From there: Honduras. From San Pedro Sula, my two traveling companions and I will be getting on a Honduran Bus (can't be worse than Jersey Transit, can it?) and traveling to a town called Mescalito. We'll be staying at a boys' orphanage for a week called Amigos de Jesus.

Above is a map of the area where I'll roughly be.  

I'm not quite sure what we're going to be doing the next week.  Actually, here are the relevant parts of  the email I received from a former CUA classmate of mine who is working and living at the orphanage.

as for packing. jess, you asked if you will be working, well ... i mean, half my job is playing wuith the boys and teaching englishh class so i am sure that you can help with those. otherwise we will be chilling and riding horses and maybe a donkey or two. Oh and on a side note: i wasnt sure if you guys wantedt o travel or go to the beach or see any mayan ruins but thats always a possibility if we left for the weekend. its up to you guys though.... 

Excuse the spelling on the email: typing English on a Spanish keyboard is not a simple task!

I won't be back until the 22nd of July and I doubt I'll have an opportunity to get to a computer and update what's happening, but I'm sure there will be plenty of stories to tell when I return! 


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