17 August 2008

7 Days ...

I called a close Capuchin friend of mine while walking through the Port Authority today ...

"Where are you?"
"The Port Authority. Heading back from a Yankee game (boo Yankees)."
"That's good, with whom?"
"Some folks I met on the cruise."
"You must have made quite the impression on them (laughter)."

I don't think I made that great of an impression, but I do think that I said something that kept the conversation going with this family after we exchanged hi and how are you's.  And I think that something is that God has so blessed me with even the beginnings of a Capuchin vocation.  

I hope that I've always been willing to answer those questions that were put to me and answer them well.  I hope and pray that I'll be able to be even a slight witness and credit to all those men who have come before me.  Several people who have been involved in the Church have said so to me previously, and I repeat the adage now: quality attracts quality.  This goes for vocations to authentic participation in the life of the church.  Without quality - prayer, action, humility and authenticity, we can't hope to attract others to this way of life: to (attempt) to follow in His footsteps.

That's a job for the rest of our lives.

7 days left!


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