30 August 2008

Junior's ...

The community celebrated its unofficial "Welcome Dinner" last night at the well known, "Junior's" in downtown Brooklyn.  I had a pastrami reuben which lived up to the hype.  Washed it down with the borough's local suds: Brooklyn Lager.  Since the cheesecake was "world famous," I need to give it a try too.  I walked in feeling pretty good that I had worked out each day since arriving here.  I walked out ... actually, I waddled out.  

Today I went to mid-town with a couple of the guys, attended mass at St. John the Baptist on W31st Street (immediately adjacent to Penn Station) in the afternoon and then had lunch at the Tick Tock Diner across the street.  All in all, a pretty good weekend so far.  

Time for the elliptical machine, real NY pizza, and college football in that order.


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Anonymous said...

Brooklyn Lager is good stuff...good to hear things are going well.