27 August 2008

Monica & Me ...

For the non-Liturgical Junkies out there, today is the Memorial of St. Monica, mother of St. Augustine.  Monica gives the Church a beautiful witness as to the efficacy of a loving mother, as well as the value of persistence rooted in true hope in God.

At Mass today, the community used the reading, psalm and Gospel as an opportunity for faith sharing.  The first reading today came from the second of Paul's Letter to the Thessalonians, while the Gospel was the third installment of Matthew's writings on Jesus' chastisement of the Pharisees.  

The opportunity to listen to one another in a sort of "shared homily" will take place each Wednesday morning at Mass.  Rather than each sharing a sort of minimal homily, instead our goal is to share a personal reflection how the readings resonate within our own lives. Therein, I think lies a challenge for me - and for all of us, for that matter: Finding resonance between our Faith and our faith, so to speak.  Or, in a much elegant way, as Benedict suggested at Yankee Stadium, to bridge the gap between faith and life.

That's one of the true lessons that we can draw from Monica today, her ability to take her faith and place it into the context of the real and important.  Pray for me that I can do it - and I will certainly do the same for you!


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