23 September 2008

Catching Up ...

Just got back from an hour at the food pantry and then an hour and a half at the gym, so bear with me if I'm a bit fuzzy; I said I'd give some type of update, so I'll make a noble attempt.

First of all: The Mets will make the playoffs.  I won't accept anything other than that.  

I went to see St. Francis Church in Midtown Manhattan yesterday before my visit to St. John's.  St. Francis is run by the OFMs; I've heard a lot about it, but never been inside.  So, I took a peak downstairs (very beautiful) and then headed back down 32nd Street to St. John's.  As I walked out the door, a woman stood asking for change from passersby.    I tried to gave her a few coins from my pocket and she refused them, letting me know that she wasn't allowed to accept money from people leaving the church.  I tried my best to persuade her to accept my two measly quarters but she steadfastly refused.  At least give me your name, I tried, so I could pray for her.  It was Lori.

As I walked away, she shouted at me: Thank you!  God knows your heart!

A might scary proposition for all of us, but a pretty welcome one I'd say, compared to the alternative.

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