10 September 2008

Free Time ...

I'm still trying to get into a rhythm here, and I think that's a good thing. 

We're going to be picking our ministry sites on Monday because there are still more to visit before then.  I'm leaning towards Blessed Sacrament, a parish on Euclid Street which needs help with just about everything.  The pastor there is a classic.  Solo-pastor, doing everything at once.  More thoughts on Fr. Frank Shannon and his wonderful ministry after I'm there and awed in person.

But the pattern/rhythm piece is important to me.  I'm still trying to hit my stride.  I'm not sure when that will come, but likely when it happens I won't even know it.  Nothing really substantive to provide today, but here's a true money quote from B16:

Yet the battle is not over. Evil exists and resists in every generation, as we know, in our day too. What are the horrors of war, violence to the innocent, the wretchedness and injustice unleashed against the weak other than the opposition of evil to the Kingdom of God? And how is it possible to respond to so much wickedness except with the unarmed and disarming power of love that conquers hatred and of life that has no fear of death? It is the same mysterious power that Jesus used, at the cost of being misunderstood and abandoned by many of his own. (8.31.08, Angelus)

Wow, just plain wow.


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