03 September 2008

From Australia ...

For those of you who know me, one of my most prized possessions was the my dad's former and my current (well, until last week at least) '97 Volvo.  I'd drive to hell in a snow storm with that car and do it with a smile on my face.  While driving one of the house's Ford Tauras' is not exactly my idea of luxury, I volunteer to drive around here whenever I get the chance.  Why? Let's recognize the obvious, it's my own pride in wanting to show these New Yorkers exactly what Jersey driving means.  

Last night I drove (with a lot of help from my navigator) to JFK to pick up an Australian Capuchin who arrived from Sydney, via Rome and Dublin.  Gary is exactly what I picture to be a combination of Australian and Capuchin.  Straggly beard, semi-athletic build, awesome accent and total humility.  If there was any doubt for that there the Capuchins are an international fraternity, it was largely put to rest last night.  

Today is house cleaning day and "house chapter."  The former means I clean the basement, while the latter means we meet as a community and talk business.  I'm also leading prayer, serving mass and all that goes with those duties.  So yes, I'm up early worrying about these things.  Some things never change ... 

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