02 September 2008

Joyful, Joyful ...

Sometimes it isn't easy to be joyful.  More often than not, my darker moods are a direct result of taking myself entirely too seriously.  There are times, I think, that we must choose to be joyful.  I've gone back and forth on happiness and its place in our faith for quite a while, but I think more and more that we must choose to be happy; we must choose to gloriously reflect the glory of our God.  

Why all this talk about joy? Yesterday, my five classmates and I were officially "welcomed" into the Province of St. Mary's.  About 40 friars showed up, double than what was expected, to attend the ceremony and a barbecue afterwards in our backyard.  The ceremony began with the hymn, "All Our Welcome," which begins, "Let us build a house where love can dwell..."  I simply beamed as all of us raised our voices.  Thankfully, many of those present were just as bad at singing as I am.  The culmination of the ceremony took place when each of the postulants was called forward to sign an "in-training" agreement and accept a copy of the Capuchin Constitution.  I couldn't keep a goofy, joyous grin off my face.  In fact, I smiled like such a fool that a friar or two made a comment about what a wide grin I had on my face when facing the community.   And yeah, I'll be honest, I'm still smiling now.

Saw this posted online and thought that it tied well into smiling and joy.  Enjoy!

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