18 September 2008

Lots going on ...

... the last couple days. 

On Tuesday we had class in the morning and then embarked on a myriad of larger, chore-type projects that needed to be completed throughout the house.  A classmate and I took partially took apart an old Nordic-Flex type machine so that we could clear it out of the entirely too crowded, "weight-room."  With the new found space, I managed to get myself onto a weight bench for some old-school bench-pressing.  While I'm happy to inform everyone that I'm still alive, if anyone had watched you might be not be alive; result: death by laughter.

Yesterday the entire house (minus Jim), trekked to Gilgo Beach on Long Island's Eastern Shore.  

We spent time time on the beach dodging evil beach flies.  We also spent a lot of time avoiding jellyfish - and you all know my opinion on jellyfish (irrationally terrified).  The class also spent some time talking about the varied ministries we had seen and shared with each other those which we were planning to perform.  

I'll be flying solo at Blessed Sacrament Parish on Euclid Street.  I met with Fr. Frank today and we're both incredibly excited for what the next eight months will bring.  More on prospective duties tonight ...


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