07 September 2008

Mary ... and her Birthday

Do the math: December 8 minus nine months = September 8, Mary's Birthday

Mary always has been a tough study for me.  I'm not quite sure what to make of her all the time.  There's a ton of theology there that I wouldn't dare unpack on a blog.  There's a ton of history, dogma, doctrine and devotion that would take a lifetime of prayer and discernment to even begin to scratch the surface.

Yet on the eve of this Marian feast, we can find in Mary a pretty good example of what it means to be a servant.  And with September 11 only a few days away, we see in Mary the first example of someone who was called and responded, though not necessarily ready for the call.  

On one hand a teenage girl who is visited by an angel and asked to be the Mother of the Living God.  Quite an unexpected event for young Miriam.  On the other hand, we have folks who weren't visited by angels, but rather became the angels who visit us still after seven years.  And for all these unlikely saints, we thank Him.


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