19 September 2008

Ministry ..

It's official that I'll be at Blessed Sacrament for the coming year.  Fr. Frank, the pastor, has been ordained for about twenty years; he spent his first seven years at BlS. and then went to a few other assignments.  He's been back for the last four years as pastor with a minimum of help from other clergy and staff.  The church itself is beautiful and the parish is brimming over with needy neighbors.  

When I'm at the parish during the week (M,T,Th,F), I'll be helping organize the Vincent de Paul Food Pantry, making communion visits to the English speaking members of the parish, filling in as porter and working with the grammar school altar servers and lectors.

I also hope to assist in distributing food on alternating Tuesday evenings at the pantry (130 people assisted last week!).  Fr. Frank and I are going to talk further about offering a weekday RCIA class for those people who can't make night classes due to work, children, etc.

What else? Oh, right, I'm going to try to work with the loose confederation of a youth group they have on some Sunday afternoons - once or twice a month.  

So yeah, I'll be really busy the next eight months, but ... that's what I signed up for!


PS - I'm two weeks into my beard growing experiment.  Not too bad.

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