05 September 2008

Our Cat and other items...

-- The neighborhood cat (named Felix of Cantalice after a Capuchin saint), scored another mouse last night.  There's something to be said for his hunting abilities.  He's actually changing my mind about cats.

-- Today we're going over our Myers-Briggs tests, this should be interesting.  

-- One of the toughest things for me each day is the period of meditation before Morning and Evening Prayer.  My mind is usually a jumble and if I close my eyes to clear my head, I will invariably fall asleep.  Today I started Francis de Sales' Introduction to the Devout Life as a means of facilitating mediation.  Yet, I'm always looking for new things upon which I can read and reflect ... are there any ideas out there?

-- Mets start a three game series at Shea against the Phillies this weekend.  If God watches baseball, I hope he's rooting for the Mets!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Matty!
You realize I will now stalk you on here...? Ha.
Hope you're well, you are in my prayers [Father] Matty.