15 September 2008

Sorrows ...

as in ... Our Lady of Sorrows, today's memorial.  

Really good stuff today from Jim Gavin, the senior friar who lives with us.  And by senior, I mean, he's 70, absolutely brilliant, still preaches retreats every weekend and is otherwise a constant source of wisdom.  

Jim talked about the necessity of being "amazed" by what God does for us and how Mary herself was pierced and changed by the Word of God in her life.  Sometimes, I think that I forget to be amazed.  I forget how lucky I am, how fortunate I must be to have God calling me in this special way.  By special way, I don't mean as Capuchin, but rather as Capuchin postulant.  In fact, one could take away this part of my journey and the amazement should persist.  I stand amazed by the Jesus-event, the living presence of God come into the world.  

For all of us then, it's a matter of remembering that amazement and being "pierced" (LK 2:35) by the Word of God, just as Mary was. 

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