04 September 2008


Some type of scratching noise recently disturbed one of my classmates; it came from outside his window.  He looked to find a squirrel engaged in some type of nest making activity in between his window air conditioning unit and the ledge of the house.  A vicious rumor about squirrels being noted carries of bed bugs moved through the community and efforts were planned to de-rodent the situation and avert disaster.  

Upon examination, they found that four unweaned, blind baby squirrels resided in the nest.  In my hierarchy of the animal kingdom, I place these furry rat-like creatures somewhere just above cats (and you all know my opinion on cats).  But, of course, being much holier than I, and future Franciscans, efforts were undertaken by classmates to save them.  One of the guys set up the four babies a nest in an old Corona beer case, equipped with stuffing from the nest, a towel to cover them and some gatorade (that internet said they drink it).  Lo and behold, we soon saw a rather anxious mother darting across the yard to ferry her children to a new, undisclosed location.  A rather Dunkirkian experience.

In other animal news at St. Michael's, Tino, our guardian, fired his sandal from 25 feet at the stray cat who was trying to steal some table scraps last night.  I won't tell you the result, but I can tell you he has good aim.  

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