07 September 2008

We Didn't Need an Ark ...

... thankfully, but we did get a ton of rain here yesterday.  

Throwing caution to the win, as is my general custom, I took the subway into midtown to meet my Dad for lunch.  We went to Carmine's in midtown Manhattan.  Carmine's serves things family style, so the two of us waddled out and into the rain when we were done feasting.  

A classmate and I wanted to drive down the road to a different church today, but we got out late and then got slightly lost, so we missed that one.  We drove down the road to another, but the 9 am was going to be in Spanish; thus, we turned around and went back to St. Michael's.  

There are plenty of sports on today, so I'll be grabbing a book and putting myself in front of a television.  Still haven't decided whether to root for the Jets or not, but I know that I'll be wishing all sorts of misfortune upon the Phillies in their doubleheader against the Mets today. 

I have a few ideas of a theological nature rattling around in my head, but I'm going to need a day of football/baseball to give them some clarity ... so look for something else later tonight.

Until then...


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