23 October 2008

Too late...

I know I'm up entirely too late tonight, but the World Series is on the radio and I'm just too plain stubborn to turn it off. Pretty soon there will be no baseball on the radio at all and I'll be consigned to watching college basketball when I need my competitive sports fix during the week.

I've been generally running around like a fool since we've returned from the "great midwest." Yet, I find myself finally settling into a comfortable routine here in Brooklyn. In 28 minutes, it'll be a full two months since I've arrived here and though there have been moments of trepidation (and there will surely be further moments like this) about my future, St. Michael's Friary has become home to me and the brothers have become family.

Ministry continues to go well: Blessed Sacrament parish is a truly beautiful parish that has so much to offer its parishoners. Conversely, they have so much to offer to me! At first glance, one might suggest that I'm ministering to the folks who come to the food pantry, the 8th graders who I help with the readings for Thursday morning mass and on and on, but in reality, it is them who minister to me. Again and again I'm blown away by their charity and patience towards me.  

Keep the prayers coming in my direction, I need 'em!  


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Matt G. said...

You've inspired me to start up my own blog again. Feel free to read:

God Bless,

Matt Giles