26 November 2008

A Breather ....

Finally, a real breather.  I'm not sure if it's well-deserved, but I do know it's absolutely needed.  The past week has run me completely ragged.  A while it has been since I've burned the oil past midnight getting "work" done for the next day, but that's the territory into which I pushed this week.  Needless to say, I'm going to enjoy the time away from Brooklyn.

In the past week, I got crushed by the sixth grade of the grammar school: my lesson on St. Francis barely made it off the ground.  Next Tuesday it's the story of Joseph and his trip into Egypt.  I've resolved that I'm going to put as much into this lesson as I can; those little darlings are not going to ambush me again.

I've also spent some type helping with the Vincent de Paul Society at BS.  The procedure of providing charity, though extremely unscientific, gets money into people's hands as quickly as possible.  The VdPS has a limited amount of funds available to assist people pay their rent, meet utility costs and other non-negotiable expenses.  

So yeah, I'm ready for some home cooking and a few days off!

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