22 November 2008

Cold in the Winter and Another Busy Weekend

Staying cold here in NYC.  Cat loves the house.  Thus, I'm happy.

Meeting a guy who's interested in the Capuchins in the city today.  I was originally going to take the subway to the East Side then subway back to Brooklyn, then subway in with him to Midtown and back home again today - but that seems like a lot of travel time for very little reward. 

Looked up directions on GMaps - I'll be driving in to get him at the Met and then coming back to Brooklyn. I'm going to show him around the house and hopefully get down to Blessed Sacrament so that he can see the place where I work on a daily basis.  After that we'll hop on the J Train, transfer to an A and get back into Midtown.  4:00 mass at the Capuchin Parish of St. John's across from Penn Station and then dinner with a few of the guys.  

Tomorrow I have to read the prayer of the faithful at mass at St. Michael's and then head over to a meeting about RCIA at Blessed Sacrament.  At some point there'll be a trip to the gym or a run; Sunday night is our festive Thanksgiving meal.  

Why would I think life around a friary as Christmas approaches would be less hectic than normal?

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