14 November 2008

Plenty of Things To Do...

Been a crazy few days.  Fraternity day on Tuesday, as I previously mentioned, then a day of discernment/reflection at Gilgo Beach on Wednesday.  Yesterday we went back the grind of ministry.  What a terrific place Blessed Sacrament is!

I spent last night cleaning my room and doing laundry - preparing for a much needed Saturday off.  I have only a few books and papers left on my desk - hopefully I'll knock them off this morning and evening and head into a new week all clear.  

I'm back to teaching the 6th grade on Tuesday: this week's installment is the liturgical calendar.  I'm thinking about using different colored stoles to make my points, but other than that, I'm clueless.  Just add another item to plan to my list!


On a slightly theological note, the memorial of Josaphat, Bishop and Martyr was celebrated on November 12.  He was baptized into the Orthodox Church, converted and served as a bishop in eastern Europe.  Because he was so talented at preaching and converting, his enemies dubbed him "the thief of souls."  For my money, that's the best nickname ... ever.

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