18 November 2008

Prayers ...

As more and more I'm drawn into the mystery of what "church" is, I'm assaulted by two alternating realities: 1) there is so much hope and so much goodness out there; and 2) there is so much work to be done.  

I attended a meeting on "Preserving the Vision" of Catholic Elementary Schools in the Diocese of Brooklyn last night and walked away with a lot of "red ink" on the power point presentation but a lot of hope in the room.  The situation isn't good folks, but we've been up against it before in this beautiful church of ours.  I know that the answer isn't picking up our educational football and just walking home (a la that spoiled kid you knew down the block), but tough decisions and changes are going to need to be made in the near future. 

So, if you have an extra minute today, say a prayer for the schools and churches of Brooklyn - we need 'em.


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