03 November 2008

To my old tricks...

Today I'm going to need to dip into my old bag of tricks and plan a lesson.  

Tomorrow I'm teaching the 6th Grade class at Blessed Sacrament on both the Genesis stories of Jacob and Esau and Joseph and his brothers.   That's about five or six very thick chapters of the seminal book of the Old Testament!  There are a few ideas floating around in my head and I'm starting to put them to paper.  I'll post the lesson up here tonight when I'm finished - so you all could see what I'm taking as my only defense tomorrow.


On another note, we had a youth group meeting at the parish on Saturday.  There were only four kids - two boys and two girls - but their spirit was contagious and they had some wonderful ideas and insights into East New York life and how faith can be lived in this day and age.  We're meeting again on November 16 after the 12:45 pm mass.  They're each going to bring a friend - so then we'll be eight!  Regardless of what you see on television about the church, I can tell you from the front lines: home springs eternal.

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