16 November 2008

The Weekends ...

... are supposed to be my time off.  

Where did it go?

Had a day doing nothing (more or less) yesterday. 

Today: brought Communion to two shut-ins, served as a Eucharistic Minister at the 12:45 mass, and then helped Fr. Frank with youth group.  We had eight this week.  That's double than last time.  We're meeting on Tuesday to plan how we're going to organize the used clothes donations we get.

Then I went for a run.  Tomorrow is a day that will be filled from 5:30 am to 10:30 pm.  I'm going to bed in twenty minutes.  

There will be a better explanation of:

- My Saturday
- What I'm doing at Blessed Sacrament
- Why I'm running for 16 hours tomorrow ...

... among other things tomorrow.  

Until then...


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