09 December 2008

Almost 100%

I'm almost back to normal.  I must not have been terribly sick because I never lost my appetite.  I think I'm the only person in the world who can catch any illness and still want to eat everything in sight. 

Taught the 6th grade today.  Minor uproar in the class when a boy put a certain Tibetan Peace Symbol on the board when everyone had gone to lunch. (And by symbol, I mean swastika.)

Luckily today's lesson took the Israelite's escape from Egypt and the Passover as its topic.  You need to love when a class on signs and symbols intersects with some current experience.  

Tomorrow we head to Gilgo Beach for a day of Advent recollection.  On Thursday we'll write our self-evaluations for the first half of the year.  That is to say, unless I can finish it tonight.

Until tomorrow morning ... 


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