02 December 2008

Early Morning

First early morning since ... this time last week.

I already have my first cup of coffee in front of me. It may require a few more to get the synapses snapping in my head. For better or worse, today I'm back into the world of Blessed Sacrament head first. Sixth Grade class on the slavery of Israel in Egypt at 1, helping the 8th grade lectors immediately after that and then tutoring at 4 pm. Phew, so much for easing myself back into things.

I had an incredibly Thanksgiving. Plenty of family and friends and entirely too much food. Then again, that's exactly what I expected and how, pray tell, can there ever be really too much food and New Jersey in any one sitting?

The end of this week will find us back in Inwood at Good Shepherd for another Candidate Weekend. As always, I look forward to these weekends because they always reinvigorate me.

Well, until tonight ...


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