08 December 2008

Green Tea & Dayquil

These are two of my favorite things.  The Dayquil let me take a nap earlier today and the green tea is clearing my head as I type at this moment.  Of course, taking a "day off" in my book consists of making up at the night the work I missed during the day.  I need to slow down.  Hopefully I will.... soon.

But, there is just so much blasted work to be done all around us.  Each morning when I open the Times or the Daily News I'm assaulted by just how much help is needed -- how much assistance is needed in this crazy world of ours.  It is, in fact, the only world that I think we're getting, so it's best to get to work.  

During Advent I'm reading Raymond Brown's Birth of the Messiah, an extraordinary commentary on the infancy narratives of Matthew and Luke.  I wouldn't recommend it for light after dinner reading, but this guy is absolutely brilliant.  Pope Benedict has brought it up on several occasions, and I think it bears mentioning here, albeit in much less intelligent terms:  we should neither be afraid of approaching the Scriptures with the open eyes and minds of historians and critics, nor be afraid to let the overwhelming reality of what is being related in the Gospels in particular radically change our lives.  That's to say: it's both about the head and the heart.


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