23 December 2008


And I'm on "Christmas Holiday."  Away from the friary until January 4.  What a whirlwind four months - as of tomorrow - it has been for me.  

I have a good friend who's also one of the best Capuchins and people I know.  He always says: 

Priesthood is my gift to God's people when I serve.  But being a Capuchin is God's gift to me. 

How incredibly true that is after just four months.  Four months, I might add of not even being a vowed Capuchin.  

My early Christmas present to myself tomorrow will be sleeping as late as I can.  Then there will be a run and a heavy duty workout.  Evening prayer and meditation at 3:30.  Subsequently, my Christmas celebration will begin at 4:30.  How terrific is that?  

I have a few Christmas thoughts rattling around my head.  They will get to paper, or screen, or whatever you want to call it tomorrow and on the day itself.  Until then, I'm getting some sleep

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