23 January 2009

Living on the Cusp* ...

There is a running joke in my parents' house about how quickly the milk turns bad.  My father is somewhat legendary for smelling milk, saying, "It's on the cusp," and pouring it in his cereal.  Soon after, my mother or brothers will smell it and pour it out with their faces contorted due to the smell.  

I told a classmate that I'd go running with him immediately following prayer today so I figured that it'd be best to have something for breakfast when I woke up.  I stumbled downstairs after only hitting the snooze button once: big progress for me; I poured myself some homemade granola (thanks mom!) and the aforementioned cup of coffee.  Opening the skim milk, I gave it a whiff, determined it to be on the cusp and poured some into a coffee mug to check it further.  It seemed alright warmed up on the granola, so I'll declare victory over milk in this instance.  

Consuming milk on the cusp might be alright for our breakfast, but I'm not too sure it is what we want to do during our lives.  Should we go about our daily routine taking hesitant sniffs?  Are we satisfied with our lives living on the cusp of going bad?  Certainly there are times in this life when we don't have time to get to the store for real milk, but yet, might it be the case that sometimes we're just going along with sourness in relationships ... prayer ... you name it, when we could be opening up a new container of something?

*Forgive me for shamelessly ripping off the title of the book, Living on the Black, a book about pitchers Mike Mussina and Tom Glavine.  This is what happens when you're up at 6:22 in the morning and only midway through a cup of coffee when you start writing.

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