11 February 2009

Lourdes & Genesis

What a pleasant surprise we get this week in the first reading at weekday mass: extended readings from the beginning of Genesis.  Meanwhile, in our Gospels, Mark continues to bring us on Jesus' journey as it become more and more clear that the disciples simply don't get it.

Yet, in both - Genesis and Mark - we over and over again see a God who is able to heal, correct and make whole simply by His Word.  There are no great spiritual calisthenics required, just our belief.  God is not required to perform anything complicated, rather, He works simply by His Word made real and human for us: Jesus.

Today the Church commemorates Mary as Our Lady of Lourdes.  While Marian spirituality takes many different flavors and calls us to many different devotions - just peruse Marialis Cultus if there is any doubt of that - we are reminded that our faith in God will bring us more wholeness than anything else this world is providing for us right now.  

And, if you've been reading the front page of any newspaper lately, you know that this promise is something worth believing in.

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