28 February 2009

Thai Saturday

It's sort of ironic that one of my favorite places in Manhattan is in the courtyard of an Episcopal Church: St. Mark's.  Near to it is the Little Poland on the Lower East Side as well as my favorite (read: cheap and plentiful food) restaurant in Manhattan, Klong.  It's authentic Thai with a great atmosphere.  Spent the day near St. Mark's, met a college friend for a late lunch there and now I'm back in Brooklyn courtesy of the L and J trains.  Tonight I'm walking next door to a parish dinner at St. Michael's.  Another friend from college is a novice with the Servants of the Lord -- the "blue nuns."  They help staff this and other parishes in Brooklyn and their brother group, the Incarnate Word priests are responsible for St. Michael's Church.  

So much for "resting" on Saturday for a busy Sunday...

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