15 February 2009

Thanks, Mom

Cooked for the brothers tonight.  And to respond to earlier message left on my computer: no, it wasn't Easy Mac.  (So thanks Mom!)

Roast pork, mashed sweet potatoes, roasted asparagus and cauliflower.  Put some rosemary on the cauliflower.  Smeared the pork with pineapple preserves.

Freshly made whipped cream over strawberries and pound cake for dessert.  

I never knew how a) exhausting cooking for 8 was; and b) how hard it is to peel potatoes - especially sweet potatoes.

So, in that vein of thought: The Army isn't the Army anymore, starring Donald Duck. 
(Fast forward to 8:20 on the video to see what I mean, or enjoy the entire cartoon.)

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