19 March 2009

And now my window is closed again.

Looks like it will be a cool and sometimes rainy 50 degrees today.  Spring was great while it lasted. 

Spent some time at St. Patrick's Cathedral yesterday.  What a church.  Each time I spend a few minutes there, it gets better and better.


Right now I'm reading Altogether Gift, written by Michael Downey.  What might on the cover appear to be a dry tome on the Trinity is actually a clear, concise elucidation of Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  For Downey, the Trinity is the very core of the Christian experience.  All about relationships and the free gift that flows within and throughout the relationship.  It's all about the Giver, the Gift and the Gift/ing.  I read this during my junior year of college but didn't really appreciate it then.  Oh, my carefree undergraduate days.  Yet today, within "Capuchin life" relationship takes on much more meaning: relationship with my brothers, with those to whom I minister, my own family and old friends.  All these relationships are changing day by day because of the life to which God has nudged (ok, fine, shoved) me.  Scary on most days, difficult on many, yet as Downey would say, an Altogether Gift each and every single day.

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