26 March 2009

Better and Better

This life, you know, keeps getting better and better.  

What a whirlwind four days it has been since I last had time to put my fingers to the keys.  

On Tuesday I taught a lesson on the difference between Protestants and Catholics for the sixth graders.  I used overwhelming enthusiasm to stun them into silence.  By the end of the lesson it seemed as if they were proud of being Catholic ... and they could pronounce the word "transubstantiation."  I'm not sure which achievement could be considered more improbable.

Yesterday our class went into the city to see the food pantry at St. John the Baptism Church adjacent to Penn Station.  Afterwards, we went into the theater district and purchased half priced theater tickets.  I went to see God of Carnage with Jeff Daniels and James Gandolfini.  Absolutely tremendous.  And hysterical.  Cry out loud funny.  Highly recommended.

Today was a whirlwind day of three RCIA side sessions.  I'm completely spent and exhausted, but the Lord keeps giving and giving and getting better and better.

Now there needs to be time for the gym and then some heavy "prep" for next week.  Plus, there are now two full containers of laundry that must be washed and dried before the weekend.  So yeah, business as usual around here.  And I love it.

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