18 March 2009

My Window is Open ...

Wide open.  It's a beautiful day and I'm ... cleaning toilets.  The life of initial formation indeed.  

We're rushing to clean the house before we head into the city to visit the oldest Roman Catholic Church in the city near West 4th Street - St. Joe's - and then head uptown to see St. Patrick's Cathedral.  Our teacher this week is a liturgical architect, among other things, so we're getting tour and juxtapositions of all sorts.  

Tomorrow I'm bracing for what will be one of the longest and toughest days of ministry.  It wouldn't be appropriate for me to break confidence - no less on a blog - but if you'd perhaps whisper my name to the Big Guy Upstairs, it'd be much appreciated.

There are so many things about the day to day life of the friary that I'd like to share but have not found the time lately.  There are also some "theological" thoughts floated around in my head which I'd love to get on paper - or on a computer screen, as it were.  Maybe tonight.

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Matt G. said...

It has been there for a while, but your name, as well as the other postulants, is written in the Book of Intercessions at the Chapel of Mary, Mother of the Church here at Stonehill. With two Masses celebrated daily with the exception of Saturday and three Masses celebrated on Sunday, well, that's a lot of "whispers" to the Big Guy.

Of course you're also in that seemingly endless list of intercessions (which, on a busy night, I usually just sum up with the words 'For all those who have asked for my prayers' or 'For all those most in need of my prayers') each night at Evening Prayer.

Long story short: don't worry about prayers, you're covered.