07 March 2009

Quiet Saturday Night

Slept-in without an alarm this morning.  Woke up at 10:30.  One of the Guamanian friars in studies is visiting us on spring break and had a Chumurro Breakfast prepared.  What is that you ask? Fried rice, eggs, bacon and a secret ingredient - spam.  Smothered with hot sauce, it's quite a way to start off your morning.  Combined with two cups of coffee, my Saturday got off to a great start.  

It reached 65 degrees here in Brooklyn, so I got to pray the Office of Readings and Morning Prayer outside with a third cup of coffee.  

This afternoon I went on a run with a classmate - for 13 miles.  Needless to say, my legs are a bit sore right now.  

Leftover rice and beans for dinner and the World Baseball Classic on ESPN.  Yeah, pretty close to a perfect Saturday. 

I'm in my room now with the window open and a good book in front of me.  Up early for two masses, a possible youth group - if anyone shows - and general Sunday business tomorrow.  

Life is darn good.  

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Matt G. said...

Pass my regards to Joe Meno.