31 March 2009

"There is something living in the wall..."

A college student who helps out at Blessed Sacrament said to me yesterday, "I think there is something living in the wall."  So, over I walked to the wall in question - an interior wall.  

"Do you think it is someone in the bathroom?"

Scratch, scratch, scratch, claw.

"Uh, no, that is definitely coming from the wall."

To the pastor:

"Uh, Father, something is living in the wall."

"Oh, I wonder if it's Sr. Mary Midnight.  (A cat) She disappeared a couple of months ago and we haven't seen her."

Proceeds to "meow" against wall.  No response.  

"It's not a cat.  A cat would have meowed back."

So, the options?  Rat, squirrel, deaf cat.  But whatever it is, it is upset that it is in the wall and wants to get out.

Stay tuned...

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