03 April 2009

Retreat Tomorrow

Tomorrow, I'll be facilitating the Confirmation Retreat for the candidates at Blessed Sacrament - seventh graders.  

I've tried to upload the talk that I am giving several times this evening, but it has only succeeded in frustrating me.  I've tried attaching it as an email to a friend too - and no dice.  I hope my talk goes better than my attempts to make introduce it to cyberspace.

However, after making it through the retreat, it will be smooth sailing through Holy Week.  No responsibilities on Sunday and then no ministry on Monday afternoon -- but there is the small matter of the Mets' Opening on Monday at 1 pm.  You know me well enough to know that I'll be glued to the television, sandwich and adult beverage in hand.  

So, until Sunday when I give you the run-down on the retreat ... be well...

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