23 April 2009

Time Flies ... When You're Busy (and having fun)

Almost to ... Boston.

When I sit down on the MegaBus bound for South Street Station tomorrow night, I will sleep.  And sleep.  And probably need to be woken up when we arrive in Boston.

Didn't get to sleep until quite late at the retreat on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning -- high school senior boys will cause that.  Yet, I would not trade my experiences from the St. Ray's retreat for an extra hour or four of sleep.  

My small group - and seemingly the entire retreat - were young men of incredibly depth and insight.  They have faced extraordinary obstacles; however, seeing the pride in their eyes when they talked about a dream of being the first to graduate college in their families was amazing.

If you're interested in finding out more about the St. Ray's in the Bronx, click here.

And if you want to know about the wonderful service that the folks at Capuchin Youth and Family Ministries are providing, use this link.

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Matt G. said...

I'll see you in Boston... at least briefly.