01 April 2009

Today's Day

Worked today as a community at St. John's Bread and Life in downtown Brooklyn. 

Pretty neat stuff.  An all-digital food pantry and soup kitchen.  Wow.

The website says it all:

"We're not just giving food, respect is really our product."
Sr. Madeline Kavanagh, Mobile Soup Kitchen Director

"Offering food not only feeds a body. It gives your spirit the hope and
strength just to get through the day and face what you got to face."
- Danny, client

The Soup Kitchen, Mobile Soup Kitchen and Food Pantry are the heart and soul of the daily work we do at St. John's Bread and Life. St. John's Bread and Life is the largest emergency provider in Brooklyn, second largest in New York City, and we feed 1,000 people every day as Christ would, no questions asked. Beyond the nourishment of food, we offer respect and support to our needy community, including legal and medical referrals, nutritional counseling and single stop social services. 

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