19 May 2009

Back from Cooperstown

Just got back to New Jersey from Cooperstown, NY and the Baseball Hall of Fame.

A truly extraordinary place.  Not only was the museum itself great, but getting to hang out with two days with my dad and find our way into every used bookstore and memorabilia shop the quaint village of Cooperstown had to offer was terrific.

Picked up a t-shirt that looks like a New York Knights uniform and two theology books from a used book store: an Edward Schillebeeckx reader and an offering on the Incarnation from St. Athanasius.

And you should all know me well enough to know how all three excite me.

Tomorrow is my middle brother's 21st birthday, so that will be a fun time.  Big brother is going to take him out for an adult beverage.  Look out Wood-Ridge.

On Thursday, I take the show on the road for a whirlwind week tour of DC.  

In the meantime, laundry and packing take priority.

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