06 May 2009


Only two days of ministry left.

Only 7 days and counting left in Brooklyn.  Crazy.

Today we spent the day fixing up the back yard.  Trees were chopped and pulled.  Weeds removed.  Flowers planted.  Grass seed sown.  And I forgot how much effort it took to work in the backyard for an entire day.  I'm exhausted, but thankfully we got some sun today.  Rumor has it that it is back to rain tomorrow.

Tonight I need to write the talks for a mini-retreat that I'm facilitating tomorrow.  I know I should have told the principal of Blessed Sacrament that I could not do it, but that would have required me to say "no" and we all know how poor I am at doing that.

Thus, I'm presenting for an hour and a half to 120 elementary school students (grades 5 through 8).  I'm hoping to combine two short (15 minutes) presentations with some activities for them.  

Why did the principal ask me to do this in the first place?  Because they treat each other poorly. 

Well, into the lion's den go I indeed.

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Matt G. said...

I remember learning to say "no," and, to be honest, I kind of wish I never learned to say it.