26 May 2009

Moving Along

Less than a week until Kansas.

Still in the Commonwealth of Virginia.  Been sleeping on a couch for the last five days but have been enjoying every single waking moment I can find to spend with old friends.

Way too much going on -- the first week of Kansas is going to be filled with relaxing, I think.  (Yeah, right.)

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Matt G. said...

We're praying for you, bro. Dan and I hit Boston today and we stopped at prayed for all of you (or, at least I did, I don't know what Dan was praying for) at St. Anthony Shrine on Arch Street in Boston (run by the OFMs), St. Clement's Eucharistic Shrine on Boylston Street (run by the OMVs), and the Cathedral of the Holy Cross (Sean O'Malley wasn't in... but I'm sure he's praying for you). That's a lot of prayers in one day!