18 June 2009

Run, Walk and Be Chased

Put this in the Kansas column:

(The ever increasing list of things that could only happen to me here)

It was something near 100-degrees today, but I insisted on going for a run. Away I went and did really well for three miles, though the goal was six. I had lathered up with sun screen and was chugging away at a pretty good pace. No one else was out on the road and the cows looked at me as if I were crazy, yet still I persisted.

As I was ending my third mile, I had a patch of gravel that was white instead of gray/brown. The high sun hit it in just the right way and made me squint. And it was white hot too. So I stopped, thinking to walk about a half of mile before continuing.

Only there came a swarm of a bee/mosquito hybrid which insisted on following me. Not sure whether they were landing on my legs or attempting to draw blood, I swung my hat wildly, attempted to explain to them that I was almost a Franciscan and pled with Brother Birds to come to my aid. No one, quite frankly, listented.

So I sprinted up a hill and continued using my hat as a cow employs its tail. Eventually the bugs gave up, but I had a long walk back to the friary. About two and a half miles to be exact. Unfortunate really, but a great story and a good workout.

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