06 June 2009

Saturday Routine

Got to sleep an additional hour today. Meditation, morning prayer and mass at 8 am.

Breakfast afterwards and then house chores. Just finished cleaning up after lunch.

Going to make my first official foray into Hayes to the gym. Hopefully coming back to play some tennis afterwards.

Meditation and prayer at 5 pm and then out on the town. And by out on the town, I mean very likely seeing a movie in Hayes and grabbing a possible bite to eat. We'll see what happens.


Yesterday, as meditation began I felt as if my head were about to explode. Or, more accurately, like my left ear drum had grown to a dozen times its original size. A classmate had had the same problem the day before and gave me a Claritan. Problem solved. There is something about "fine" dust here which makes easterner's allergies go crazy. Lucky me.


On an another anecdotal note - and one of particular interest to my mom - the first full night we were here, Monday, we heard a loud siren. Informed that it was a tornado warning, I thought it best to be heading for the basement. The locals laughed and said, "let's see." We walked out to the front of the church to check for "clouds being sucked up." But alas, no tornado. Later the local friars - some of whom have been here for decades - informed me that tornadoes rarely pass through this area and not one has come close to the Cathedral of the Plains in over a hundred years. My apprehensions were assuaged, but only slightly.

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